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Similarly to the old-town port of the same name, Cartagena is the hub of multicultural flavors, the strategic nucleus where innovative ideas are traded and delightful mixtures are created.

What would you like to drink today?

At Cartagena, we offer the best selection of Mezcal and Gin.

And where we come from, friendships are born around a few cheers and some good laughs!

So grab a seat and let us pour you a drink; we have so much to tell you.

Cartagena - Mezcal District
Create your own private label

Are you the keeper of an innovative idea,

the architect of a blend we have yet to discover?


Don’t stay in the shadows.

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We highly value the knowledge of our craftsmen.
By preserving and nurturing their art, we know that we are
contributing to the creation of the finest spirits.
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