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Montreal-based Cartagena Inc. is the producer of the world’s finest blends. It is the subsidiary of its Mexican parent company Licorera Del Sur, a highly respected name in the artistry of premium spirits in the South of the country.

With access to three state-of-the-art distilleries and thirteen bottling plants across Mexico and Canada, Cartagena Inc. offers an immersive experience of avant-garde practices while embracing the customs and traditions of every drink it produces.

Our dedication to excellence!

At Cartagena Inc, we believe in preserving the authenticity and the traditions that stem from the core of every beverage that we harvest. By aligning this philosophy with our corporate values, we guarantee that every Cartagena bottle has been crafted with the utmost responsibility to maintain a fair-trade and ethical work environment.

We deeply care about the working and living conditions of our families around the world and we highly value their knowledge and craftsmanship.


By safeguarding and nurturing their art, we know that we are contributing to the creation of the best spirits.

Create your own label

Our team of developers, designers and master blenders will actively surround you and guide you into creating a distinctive recipe, selecting the right bottle, designing your identity, going through the many stages of the production process and directing you towards the most effective marketing route (Canada, USA, LATAM and Europe).  

An idea is only a thought in someone’s mind until it is brought to life.

Let us do that for you.

Cartagena - Mezcal District

Looking for something readily available?

Contact us to know more about our bulk liquor purchasing options and our exclusive bottling services.

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